New Zealand International Airports

New Zealand International Airports

New Zealand has five international airports. In addition, there are several smaller airports that serve domestic travellers, especially the people who want to travel between the North and South islands.. While Auckland serves the highest number of international travellers, the other four airports are vital to connect New Zealand internationally.

Auckland International Airport


The Auckland airport is actually located about 21 kilometres away from the city centre. It handles more than seventy per cent of international flights that connect to New Zealand. There are only two airports (Auckland and Christchurch) that are able to handle the biggest passenger planes, such as Boeing 777 and Airbus A380. The airport is split into two terminals, domestic and international. They are connected by a free shuttle bus service as well as a walkway.

At the airport

Auckland airport has a good range of restaurants, bars, cafes and fast food outlets. You will find many international brands as well as local eateries that are able to provide you with a range of food and drinks.

There is also a convenience store that is open 24/7 at the ground floor of the International terminal. The convenience store has a microwave oven that you can use to heat up any purchased meals.

If you need to leave your bags for storing, there are multiple Smartecarte outlets on both terminals and multiple areas. They will also have service to wrap your luggage in a transparent plastic film for protection.

Auckland airport has free showers for travellers at the ground floor of the arrivals area of the international terminal. To use the showers you need to pay $10 bond that is refundable on return.

Car Rental

The Auckland airport has car rental outlets from these companies:

Read more about parking at the Auckland Airport.

Christchurch International Airport


Christchurch airport is located in the suburb of Harewood, about 12 kilometres from the city centre. The airport is 2nd busiest after Auckland airport and acts as a gateway to the south island. Christchurch airport has currently 11 international destinations and handles almost 6 million passengers yearly.

Christchurch airport does not have any sleeping facilities at the terminal and travellers are not allowed to sleep on the floor or any chairs the terminal might have. The security staff will question you if you are setting up bedding. They might also ask some questions if you are at the airport very early in the morning or arrive very late at night. You are not allowed to spend the night at the airport even if have booked a vehicle or have a flight next morning before 8 am.

The Christchurch airport has car rental outlets from these companies:

Dunedin International Airport


Dunedin international airport is also known by the other name of Momona airport. The airport is in the Otago region of South Island of New Zealand. The busiest international routes connect Dunedin airport with major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

The Dunedin airport has car rental outlets from these companies:

Queenstown International Airport


Queenstown airport is located in the suburb of Frankton and only some 10-minute drive from the city centre. Queenstown is the 4th busiest airport in the country measured by the number of passengers. The Queenstown airport has been voted to have the best scenic approach. This is due to the Otago regions magnificent mountains and lakes.

The Queenstown airport has car rental outlets from these companies:

Wellington International Airport


Wellington international airport is well known by the Lord of the Rings installations that are scattered throughout the terminal. The airport is also known with the name of Rongotai (Rongotai isthmus) airport. The airport is just 5 kilometres away from the city and very easily reached by taxi or by airport flyer bus that runs every 20 minutes.

The Wellington airport has car rental outlets from these companies:


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