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New Zealand is a favourite destination for foreigners. The level of highly-skilled jobs available in the country makes it attractive to the recently graduated, and the nation is currently in an immigration drive. There is a shortage of various skills within New Zealand; construction workers, engineers, chefs, ICT professionals and many other skilled workers are being actively encouraged to migrate to the nation. But what should you know about the country before considering Moving to New Zealand? This article will provide a brief overview of the nation, giving need-to-know information on the country and its people.


Far and away the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland has a booming population and was recently ranked third in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. The city has an elegant, metropolitan skyline and skilled jobs are plentiful in this area. Much of the city has a local, suburban feel that is not found in other major cities of the world.

Auckland has many harbours that provide ideal boating conditions, and the bars and clubs provide a great deal of nighttime fun. There area huge variety of locations to choose from, with many bars situated along the waterfront, predominately in Auckland’s sleek Viaduct harbour area originally created to provide the centre of activity in the 2000 America’s Cup, and more recently, the 2011 Rugby World cup. The suburban feel, along with numerous local beaches makes Auckland an ideal location for families, with more than enough kids entertainment to please both children and parents.

Maori Population

The island’s indigenous people, the Maori, are the second largest ethnic group in the country and their influence is seen everywhere. Due to the unique ethnic blend, the architecture, music, art and even place names of New Zealand are incomparable to any other nation, with a style found exclusively on the island.

North and South Islands

New Zealand is split into two separate islands, North and South. Similarly to Britain, there is often banter between the two halves of the county. Generally, the North is more densely populated than the South, with more tourist locations and warmer waters. The South is a mountainous region, providing fantastic skiing locations over winter and hiking areas in the warmer months. Southerners consider themselves the more rugged of the two islanders.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of each island. The South tends to be a quieter, more rural place to live, but the North tends to be where most skilled workers go to look for work. Whatever a potential immigrant’s preference; both have amazing, unique features that should be taken into account when making your decision.

Sport and Culture

Rugby is a most popular sport in New Zealand and football is gaining a huge following in the country, with more and more young people being drawn towards the beautiful game. Tennis, cricket, and netball are all common past times and the country has some of the most picturesque golf courses in the world

As previously mentioned, music and art in New Zealand have been given a Kiwi makeover, due to the melting pot of cultures found on the island. Currently, their biggest musical exports have to be the duo known as Flight of the Conchords. The pair has found huge popularity throughout the world, and are known for their surreal, deadpan comedy style.

Moving to New Zealand is a great option as the country is a great place for migrants to live for job-hunters or those looking for somewhere to settle with their families. With such a wide variety of rural and urban locations to choose from, there truly is something for everyone.

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