Language of New Zealand

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand is an island country located in the South Western Pacific Ocean. It was one of the last major landmasses settled by human beings.

New Zealand is famous for so many things like kiwis, famous scientists, the first person to conquer Mount Everest and many more, but the most amazing thing about New Zealand is their languages. They have three official languages. English is the first language, Maori takes up the second place and The Sign Language of New Zealand is the third official language of New Zealand.

Let’s learn about these languages of New Zealand and how New Zealand come up with the best solutions for every community.

Let’s start by knowing about these interesting facts about New Zealand English

What is New Zealand English?

History of New Zealand English

The unique vocabulary of New Zealand English

Their first official Language in New Zealand English. The New Zealand English is a beautiful language established
in the 19th century. Some unique words and phrases make it different from others, even though it has some similarities with Austrailian English

History of New Zealand English
New Zealand had so many traders from different countries.
Gold discoveries in New Zealand made it an amazing trading centre and to co-operate with the world, they adopted their English language similar to other countries.

Unique Vocabulary of New Zealand English

New Zealand English is made up of many phrases and terms of Australian English. But the unique thing about them is their vocabulary. They have used some words and phrases from Maori language making it truly a unique English Language.

Now, Let’s learn something interesting about the Maori language.
We will learn the following points:

What is the Maori Language?

History of Maori language

How New Zealand Write the History

What is the Maori Language

The Maori language is a language spoken by the Maori people (indigenous people of New Zealand). These people used the Maori language to communicate with each other. It is the second language of New Zealand.

The Maori language was and always is the First language of Maori people.

When Maori people came to New Zealand they keep communicating in their own language. The Maori Language faced so many difficulties as most of the people in New Zealand used English as their First language. There was a decline in the Maori language after the World War II. After that, this language started losing its value and the Maori speakers were declining day by day. Some revolts were started to save this language in 2015 and now the condition of the Maori language is getting better gradually.

In a recent survey by the government of New Zealand, It was found that there are around 150.000 Maori speakers in New Zealand. The interesting thing is that there was no native system writing for Maori before 1820. These efforts were done by Hongi Hika and Samuel Lee.

How New Zealand Write the History

New Zealand was the first country to make an official language for the deaf community. New Zealand sign language helped all the deaf community through communication with others. It became the 3rd official language in April 2006 after English and Maori. This language was created by and for the deaf community. This language has many similarities to British Sign Language.

New Zealand Sign language use lips movement with a pattern with hands and some facial expression to make communication easy for the deaf community.

Another interesting thing about this language is that the bill to make this language official was supported by each and every party of the parliament of New Zealand.

New Zealand has created an example in front of this world by making official Languages for their minorities. And the beauty of these languages makes New Zealand a place worth living.

We can’t deny the fact that Maori people have suffered in New Zealand, but soon New Zealand has supported them and tried to save their culture, tradition and their language. The increase in Maori speaking people in New Zealand is the living proof of it.

So these were some important and interesting things about the language of New Zealand making it an amazing place to visit.

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