・Are you concerned about my visa application?

・Are you looking for an immigration professional that will get the process moving quickly?

・Do you want the best possible chance of getting my visa issued?


If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you can rely on New Zealand Visa Partner Limited, a specialist NZ immigration law firm!

We will work together with you to resolve all of your concerns.


It has been officially confirmed that there will be a reduction in number of immigrants being accepted on the basis of their technical skills.

1/3 of all partner visa applications are being refused.

This being the case, do you really want to go it alone?

You are taking a significant risk if you proceed without an immigration adviser.


Using our company will increase the odds of you getting your visa.

There are three reasons for this, which I shall explain below.

You should read this right away if you are worried about your visa.


①Strong track record!

We have acted as agents for a wide variety of visa applications, including for partner, work, visitor, and permanent residency visas.

We have acted on behalf of customers from ten different countries, including people from the UK, Iran, and Malaysia.

Discuss the situation with us even if you think your case faces major obstacles.

We have successfully managed visas for people with a history of disease, a criminal record, or those who have previously overstayed their visa.

We specialize in replying to the PPI letter issued by the immigration office.

If you are not local, we can handle your case without actually meeting you in person.

Your case will be basically dealt with by email or on the telephone. Once we get the relevant information, we will proceed swiftly with your visa application.

②Excellent support!

We understand how strongly you feel about your visa application. Our aim is to provide services that most closely meet your needs when applying for a visa.

In emergency situations, such as when your deadline for replying to the PPI letter from the immigration agency is fast approaching, we will make ourselves available at night and weekends as well.

(In a previous case, we worked on the visa application until 3AM)

We have gained a reputation for providing high levels of client satisfaction.

We always enjoy seeing positive feedback from our customers. These include comments thanking us fo being “courteous and prompt”, and that their“visa application went through so smoothly”.

Be sure to check out the feedback from our customers.

③ Top-level adviser !

We have a Japanese immigration adviser on our staff.

However, he is not simply an adviser.

In his 20th year in NZ, he is government accredited, has graduated from eight universities in four countries, and with an English ability attested to by full marks in TOEIC, he is truly proficient in his field.

Tag-teaming with an ex-attorney, he will act as your representative throughout your visa application process.

He has obtained a degree from a specialist immigration college in NZ, and his knowledgable extends beyond immigration law to cover employment law as well.

He writes a monthly column about visa-related issues in a NZ business journal.


Our visa assessment service is offered free of charge, so this is an excellent place to start!

Email us and include the following items.

(Attach a CV in either Japanese or English)


・Telephone number

・Your current visa type and the visa expiry date

・Whether you have a partner

・Concerns you have about your visa being issued (history of disease, criminal record, overstay history, history of being refused entry into the country etc.)

We look forward to assisting you with your visa needs soon!

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