How far is New Zealand from Australia?

A simple question and a simple answer. The distance from Australia to New Zealand is 4155 km or 2581 miles. However, Australia is a relatively big country and it really depends what two points you are measuring. The simple answer 4155 km is based on the geographical centres of both countries, which is most likely useless information to many travellers. It would be a very rare occasion when you travelling between these two points.

The distance between the capitals of Australia and New Zealand?

It might be much more useful to compare the distance between the two capitals, Canberra and Wellington. The distance between these two cities is 2325 km or 1444 miles. It would take roughly 3.5 hours to fly between the two. However, there are not many direct flights and you would probably need to transfer in Melbourne or Sydney. Including the transfer time, the total would be somewhere around 6.5 hours in total.

The shortest distance between Australia and New Zealand?

If you were wondering what would be the shortest distance between Australia and New Zealand, the answer is about 1700 km or 1056 miles. Depending on your viewpoint, the countries might look like they are next to each other, but in reality, they are quite far apart. You certainly should not try to swim from Australia to New Zealand and even by boat, it would take several days to cross this distance. There is no regular “ferry” type transportation available, so your only choice would be some cargo ship.

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