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If you have any questions regarding the Kiwi Directory or other business enquiries, please use the form below to contact us. Kiwi Directory is open for advertisers as long as the services and products are thematically related to travel and New Zealand.
Full media card information is available on request.

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How much add a business to Kiwi Directory cost?

Adding a business is completely free. You may do so by registering first,  and then logging in with the provided details. There are no hidden charges or payments on Kiwi Directory. 

Why there are advertisements on the website?

Kiwi Directory is free for the user as well as business owner. The advertisements on site are necessary to cover the costs of running the website. Viewing the offers on advertisements are completely voluntary.

Do you accept guest posts?

Kiwi Directory accepts guest posts that are thematically related to the contents of the website. Ideally the posts provide value for the user and you are welcome to include a link to your website as long as it is logically related. Currently we are looking for articles regarding the "must-see" sights and things to do in New Zealand.