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Juha is the chief bird at Kiwi Directory.

Weather in New Zealand

Four Seasons Most of the countries have some seasonal change in weather throughout the year, but generally the closer you are either to the north or the south pole, the stronger are the differences between seasons. Around the equator there is typically only two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. New Zealand has […]

Auckland Airport Parking

Auckland airport has a wide variety of parking options for everyone, whether you are picking someone up, going for an extended holiday or just have some business at the airport. As most airports around the world, Auckland airport is also divided between International and Domestic terminals. Both terminals are served by multiple carparks in their […]

The Māori Language

The Māori language is one of the official languages in New Zealand. It is spoken mostly by the indigenous people who are called Māori. The origin of the language traces back the Eastern Polynesian islands, where the Māori history can be traced back. In reality only some 30,000 people can speak the language fluently, but […]