Auckland Airport Parking

Auckland airport has a wide variety of parking options for everyone, whether you are picking someone up, going for an extended holiday or just have some business at the airport. As most airports around the world, Auckland airport is also divided between International and Domestic terminals. Both terminals are served by multiple carparks in their vicinity. The car parks can be divided between short and longterms park, and whether they are covered or uncovered. Each carpark has a designated letter to identify it.

  • A Short term uncovered
  • B Uncovered
  • C Short term uncovered
  • D Long term covered
  • E Long term uncovered
  • K Long term uncovered
  • L Long term uncovered
  • M Uncovered
  • Q Covered
  • R Short term covered
  • S Uncovered

Valet Parking

In addition to these self-service carparks, there is a valet parking option on both terminals. If you are flying overseas, the booth at the international terminal is right outside the terminal building. Follow the letter V for valet parking. If you are at the domestic terminal, the letter R is the symbol for valet parking. Drive up the ramp to level 1 at car park R to reach.

The valet parking process is very simple. You just need to drive up to the correct valet parking area, hand down the car keys to the concierge and they will take your car and park is to a secured car park area. When you return, the car will be waiting for you right at the terminal.

You can also book car grooming services that would be conducted while you are away. A typical treatment would be a car wash, waxing and vacuuming the car interior. In addition to the basics, you can book extra services such as treating the leather interiors, dog hair removal, odor removal and full interior washing with shampoo.

Booking your car park online

Auckland airport has a convenient online service which can be used to book the car park well in advance. You have to just choose which terminal, your entry and exit dates/times and the system will give you a quote based on your selection. Generally there will be available slots in multiple car parks, so you can just choose which best suits your needs. You will get a confirmation after payments and you’re able to manage your booking at a later time still.

How much the parking costs?

The online system will give you the exact pricing based on your selection, but roughly parking for an hour costs around $10 and 24 hours around $40-$50.

The cheapest option is called Park & Ride which is located further off from the terminals, but there is a free shuttle bus to take you to either of the terminals. The shuttle bus runs every 10-15 minutes. Parking your car at the Park & Ride for 24h costs $32 dollars at the time of writing.

Wait Zone

Auckland Airport has a new Wait Zone which is meant for drivers who are picking up a traveller. The Wait Zone is free for 30 minutes and there are 50 spaces for cars. If you spend more than 30 minutes on the Wait Zone, you will charged at the same rate as parking area E when you exit. In that case you will require a debit or credit card at hand.

The Wait Zone is just couple minutes of walk from the international terminal. If you are inside the terminal, just follow the signs about pick-up/drop-off area.

Motorbikes and Bicycles

There are no specially designated areas for motorbikes at the Auckland Airport car park, but all motorcycles can be parked at the same areas as cars. It is illegal to park your motorbike on the footpaths or around the entry/exit doors.

The domestic terminal has a bicycle rack at the corner of car park Q. Similarly bicycles are not allowed to be parked on the footpaths or near the entry/exit doors. Please note that by law all cyclists need to wear a helmet in New Zealand.

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